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 Dallas Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Dallas Alcohol Rehab and Treatment Center

Alcohol addiction can be one of the most difficult addiction to overcome.  At Paramount Recovery Center we understand this and have created a program in Dallas, Texas to help you.

What Is Alcoholism, or Alcohol Addiction?

Alcoholism, currently called Alcohol Use Disorder in the United States, is classified as a disease. This disease is based on ones NEED to consume alcohol to feel normal.  This can be binge drinking, drinking in the morning, or drinking to excess on a consistent basis. Additional signs of alcoholism include;

  • Avoidance of family or close friends when drinking
  • Blackouts or the inability to remember what happened when you were drinking
  • Feeling anxious or uncomfortable if alcohol is not available.
  • Legal problems caused by drinking including DUI/DWI

How Treatment at A New Page Can Help

Paramount Recovery Center treats alcohol addiction by providing a patient centric treatment experience.  As most people who suffer from alcohol addiction have an underlying cause, we look there fist.  Our Dallas, Texas alcohol rehab program provides clients with the one-on-one focus needed to overcome this addiction and start a new life.

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If you or your loved one think you way have a problem with alcohol addiction, we can help.  Simply give us a call for a free evaluation of your current relationship with alcohol.  Once completed, we can provide you with an understanding of what to do next.

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